Become A Plant-Powered Athlete

Check out these tips to learn how following a plant-based diet can also complement your training.

The idea that a vegan diet and endurance training are mutually exclusive isn’t uncommon. Many believe athletes need to eat a high-protein diet that includes animal products to fuel their training and cope with physical stress.

While the optimal vegan diet for athletes has yet to be defined, many have put it to the test. Ultramarathoner Scott Jurek and triathlete Brendan Brazier are among a handful of elite athletes who live solely on plant foods such as vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, and have eliminated all animal products from their diets.

Vegetarian Times reports that 1 million Americans are vegans, and experts tout the lifestyle’s reported health benefits, which include reducing the risk of diseases and cancers, and adding an average of three to six years to the typical human lifespan.

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So how can you follow a plant-based diet that also complements your training? New York City-based registered dietitian Laura Cipullo of Whole Nutrition Services gives five rules to follow over the following pages.

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