Become A Plant-Powered Athlete

1. Maintain A Balance Of Carbs And Protein

When animal products are eliminated, so is a large portion of protein. “Without sufficient dietary protein, the carbohydrates consumed will reach the bloodstream faster, causing insulin levels to spike and then crash,” said Cipullo. To avoid this energy decline, she recommends snacking on protein during the day in between meals to allow carbohydrates to be absorbed by the bloodstream at a steady rate, thus delaying the onset of hunger and sustaining energy levels. “Tempeh [a soybean product], seitan [wheat gluten], soybeans and raw nuts make great snacks,” said Cipullo. To maintain an adequate amount of protein for recovery and muscle repair, keep a four-to-one ratio—four grams of carbohydrates for every one gram of protein consumed. Try a bagel with peanut butter, sweetened soy drinks or pita and hummus post-workout.

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