The Everyman: All I Want For Christmas

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What’s on your wish list this year?

Gifts aren’t everything, but it’s nice to be able to stock up on our running gear at the expense of others. Know what I mean?

Still, physical gifts aren’t the only thing The Everyman is looking for this year. Here’s my holiday wish list (I checked it twice):

Faster Splits

Everyone wants to be faster, right? After a season in which I focused on triathlon, my 2014 campaign will include a more evenly distributed mix of running and multisport races. That means I’ll have plenty of opportunities to not only work on my running more, but to also race more. My second and third marathons are on my schedule — here’s hoping for two PRs.

More Hours In The Day

Finding time to train is the always-present dilemma amateur endurance athletes face. Unless you’re willing to roll out of bed at 4 AM to squeeze in a 10-mile run (like this woman), fitting all of our workouts into our packed schedules can be quite difficult. Add swimming, biking and strength training to the mix and you’ve got a big problem: Which workout(s) can I skip this week? Can I leave the office two hours early so I can get in a ride before dark? Here’s an idea: Let’s have Congress add four hours to every day of the week. Someone start a petition.

Better Race Times For Everyone

This applies to all runners out there. With the average men’s marathon finishing time having increased by 44 minutes since 1980, it’s time to turn this around and start running faster. This statistic, in large part, is due to bigger race fields and the high number of either walkers or run-walkers. Still, that’s a big jump. And we can do better than that. Let’s all work together to get this number down.

Better Drivers

Not everyone is a bad driver, but there are a lot of drivers out there that do not respect runners and cyclists on the road. There seems to be a tragic story in the news every day about a runner or cyclist being hit by a car while out training. Part of the answer might be more bike lanes, but the other half of the equation are the drivers themselves. Please be more aware of us — especially during these dark days of winter. And stop texting behind the wheel!

A Gift Card

This is the one physical item on my wish list. But can you blame me? I’m always in need of a new running shirt(s), another pair of shorts, socks, leggings for the winter, and who knows what else (I’m a medium in most things, by the way). I’ll take one for $50. OK, make it $500. DM me for contact info.

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