Double Your Fun: Should You Run Twice A Day?

How To Incorporate Doubles Into Your Schedule

When first adding doubles to your training, the primary goal should be to promote recovery. Therefore, you should add double runs before or after your hardest workouts. After you’re comfortable adding doubles to your workout days, you can then add them to your easy days, starting with your steady or medium long runs. For simplicity’s sake, here’s the order in which you should add doubles to your routine:

1. On days of speed workouts.
2. On days of tempo runs or cruise intervals.
3. On days of medium long runs or steady state efforts.
4. Easy days.

It doesn’t matter much if your second run comes before or after the main run for the day. Running in the morning before your evening track workout will help you loosen up and prime the body for a better effort — provided you don’t get tired. Running your double run after a hard workout will help flush blood, nutrients and oxygen to and from your tired muscles.

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Some Notes
Running twice per day means you’re stimulating your metabolism more often and increasing the amount of calories you burn. Make sure you eat enough to properly recover and replenish the essential nutrients you need to keep making gains.

Give yourself enough time in between runs. Double runs are not as effective if you run them 2 hours apart. Try to keep the time between runs to a minimum of 5 hours. I’ve found 7-8 hours to be optimal.

If you have any questions or wonder if you might be a special case for adding doubles before those mileage numbers, let us know in the comments section.

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