Get Stronger In Under 20 Minutes A Day

Supine Abs March

Strong abs enhance running performance by improving the transfer of forces between the legs and the upper body. They also reduce injury risk by enhancing the stability of the lower spine, pelvis, and hips during running. This is the best abs exercise for runners I know. Its strengthens the deep abdominal muscles runners need most in a way that simulates the running stride.

Lie face up with both knees fully bent and your feet flat on the floor. Press your low back flat against the floor and concentrate on keeping it flush to the floor throughout the exercise. Lift your right leg until your right foot comes even with your left knee, then lower the foot back to the floor. As soon as it touches, do the same with the left leg. Concentrate on keeping your low back pressed against the floor. Complete 12-20 “steps” with each leg. If this is easy, you are not keeping your back flat to the floor!

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