Get Stronger In Under 20 Minutes A Day

One-Arm Dumbbell Snatch

This is the single best upper body exercise for runners, in part because it isn’t just an upper-body exercise. It involves the legs working in coordination with the upper body, just as running does. Like running, it also entails moving upward against gravity. It strengthens the hamstrings, glutes, low back, upper back, and shoulders.

Stand in a wide stance with a single dumbbell placed on the floor between your feet. Bend your knees, tilt forward from the hips, and grasp the dumbbell with your left hand using an overhand grip (knuckles facing forward). Begin with your left arm fully extended. The object of this exercise is to lift the dumbbell in a straight line from the floor to a point directly overhead. To do this, begin by contracting your gluteals, hamstrings and low back so that the dumbbell rises to thigh height as you assume an upright standing position. From this point, keep the dumbbell moving in a straight line close to your body by bending your elbow and pulling from the shoulder. As the dumbbell approaches head level rotate your shoulder and extend your arm until it is pointing toward the ceiling. Pause briefly, then reverse the movement, allowing the dumbbell to come to rest again on the floor briefly before initiating the next lift. Complete a full set, then switch to the right arm.

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