Hit The Weights To Build Strength — On Hard Run Days

Learn about the benefits of performing your strength training workouts on the same days as your toughest running workouts.

Whether the desired outcome is general fitness, increased explosiveness and stride efficiency or injury prevention, most runners understand the importance of adding strength training to their running schedule. However, despite clearly understanding the potential benefits of strength training, few runners actually incorporate it into their training schedules on a consistent basis.

When asked why not, most runners concede that they don’t know how to properly integrate it into their schedule to achieve maximum results. Specifically, the big question runners have is if they should do their strength work after their hard workouts or on their easy days. This paralysis by choice prevents runners from feeling confident that the extra time they spend on strength training is worth it, and thus they skip it all together.

Luckily, there is simple rule you can follow that answers this burning question: keep your hard days hard and your easy days easy. Let’s take a look at what exactly this statement means and how it can impact your approach to strength training.

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