Back To School: Learn From These Training Mistakes

Do The Right Type Of Strength Work

I was notorious for spending hours in the gym after training runs. Unfortunately, most of that time was wasted doing the wrong type of strength work. Not only was I just making myself more tired than I needed to be without any direct return on investment to my racing fitness, but I was neglecting work I could have been doing to make me faster and healthier.

I should have traded those useless, light-weight and high-rep shoulder shrugs for running-specific plyometrics designed to develop explosive power and speed (a major weakness).

Rather than performing ineffective hamstring curls or countless reps on the adductor machine (both have been proven to have no value to runners) I should have focused on fixing my specific weaknesses and form flaws (in my case I have a glute that doesn’t fire correctly, which results in a limp) with targeted exercises.

Not only would I have avoided a lot of wasted time in the gym, I would have run faster.

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