Back To School: Learn From These Training Mistakes

Roll With The Punches

You’re going to have bad days — it’s an unavoidable part of training. Olympians, world champions and world record holders have them too.

I, like many runners, let those bad days get me down and shake my confidence. Looking back at my old training logs you’d think I was suffering from severe depression. Having a bad workout on Friday would ruin my entire weekend.

Not only is this not productive from a training standpoint, it’s not a healthy or fun way to approach running. Relaxing about my training would have made me less nervous at races and allowed me to enjoy the process more. Just as important, it would have prevented negative thoughts from creeping in my head and causing ruts in training and racing when I couldn’t get positive momentum going.

Heed the lessons I should have learned from my coach and you can avoid these simple, yet significant mistakes with your own training. Now, if I could only finish my plans on that flux capacitor.

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