Running 101: How To Become A Runner

The key to enjoying the benefits of running is learning to enjoy the activity of running.

Running is probably the world’s best form of exercise. It builds fitness, increases health, promotes a healthy body weight, and can be done just about anywhere by anyone. Runners will also tell you that running is highly enjoyable. However, running does not make a great first impression on many beginners, who experience the exertion of running is as unpleasant. In fact, according to the 2011 Runner’s Survey conducted by Running USA, the perceived “hardness” of running is the number-one barrier to becoming a runner among non-runners.

There’s a Catch-22 here. You have to enjoy running to do it regularly and you have to run regularly to be fit enough to enjoy running. How does a beginner negotiate this paradox to become a runner who enjoys the activity and its many benefits? Learn how over the following pages.

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