Running 101: How To Become A Runner

Go At Your Own Pace

Many fitness experts encourage men and women to exercise at certain physiological intensities that are proven to be most effective in stimulating desired results. The trouble with this approach is that beginners often experience these externally imposed intensity targets as unpleasant, which discourages them from continuing their exercise program.

Research has shown that beginners experience exercise as far more enjoyable when they are allowed to select their own exercise intensity. Yes, the intensity is often lower with this approach and it takes longer to build fitness, but that doesn’t matter at all if it makes the difference between continuing and quitting.

Other research has shown that beginning exercisers who have a relatively pleasant first workout experience are much more likely to still be exercising six months later than beginners who are miserable in their first workout. So it’s important to do whatever it takes to make exercise as enjoyable as you can make it when you’re just starting out. One way to do that in running is to choose the pace you’re most comfortable with. Don’t let any internal sense of obligation or outside force compel you to go faster than you’re ready to go.

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