Running 101: How To Become A Runner

Enter An Event

Running 101: Speed Training For Beginners

Nothing hooks a beginner on running like the magical experience of crossing a finish line. So if you want to get hooked on running, don’t waste any time in signing up for your first event. This may seem counterintuitive to some. Signing up for an event is more ambitious and potentially intimidating for the beginner than pursuing a more modest initial goal, but that’s actually part of the reason it works. The ambitiousness of preparing for a formal running event as a beginner is part of the reason you feel like you’ve really done something special when you cross that first finish line, and hunger to experience the same feeling again.

Plus, when I say “sign up for an event”, I mean sign up for a 5K, which is not too terribly daunting. Trust me on this one.

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