Treadmill Workouts For Winter Training

If the cold and snow are too much to handle, jump on the treadmill and try these workouts.

Dennis Barker, the USATF Level 2 distance and sprint coach of elite running group Team USA Minnesota since its 2001 inception, oversees the training of Olympic, national and world championship runners, as well as collegiate cross-country and track and field athletes as the head coach at Augsburg College in Minneapolis. One might think that surviving frigid Midwestern winters would require countless treadmill runs; however, Barker’s athletes are a hardy bunch.

“The snow removal here is usually exceptional so the running paths are clear enough to get in some quality road work in the winter,” Barker says. “If not, we have a large indoor turf field with a 300-meter oval, a 200-meter indoor track and the Metrodome concourse.”

However, Barker does prescribe purposeful, if not temperature-relieving, treadmill workouts, detailed in the following pages.

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