Charity Running: Follow The Rule Of Thirds To The Finish Line

Last year's TriRock San Diego was a special moment for Caitlyn Pilkington, left, as she helped her mom finish her first triathlon. Photo: Paul Nester

5 Tips To Fundraising $5,000 For The Cause

1. Embrace social media.
Facebook is not just for stalking your ex. Post a few creative words to your page, and someone will notice. An added bonus? Don’t underestimate the effect of a powerful photo. People want to see the vulnerable side of your journey — it’s the most inspiring part about it.

2. Love The Bars
Seriously, nothing attracts dollars more than guaranteed alcohol and raffle tickets. Bars love to help out a local cause, so plan a pub crawl, set a price and see who is willing to throw in a few free brews with the entry fee.

3. Go Old School
Write a letter to your favorite peeps. People secretly love snail mail — the more personal, the better.

4. Set Realistic Milestones
Don’t announce the total you need to raise in the next six months. Announce you want to raise a tenth of that amount by the end of the week. People will rally and make it rain.

5. Get Corporate
I bet you didn’t know your best friend’s company does matching donations. What’s better than turning $500 into $1,000?

Added Bonus
Donate to yourself — it will get the ball rolling and set an “average donation” standard.

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