Charity Running: Follow The Rule Of Thirds To The Finish Line

Charity runners take satisfaction in making a difference in the lives of others. Photo:

So You Want To Be A Charity Runner?

Let me convince you with these five reasons.

1. The pre-race inspiration dinner: Celebrate charity-style with hundreds of your closest teammates, but be ready to reach for the tissue when that keynote speaker grabs the mic.

2. The costumes: Every good chapter needs a theme. Case and point: the rock-star vibe Team Challenge San Diego brought to the table during the dinner.

3. The social aspect: Those who train, fundraise and embrace the cause together, party together.

4. The impact: Digest the fact that you’re making a difference for all of the honored heroes who face the challenges placed in front of them. Nothing is more gratifying than shaking the hand of a survivor and accepting a simple “Thank you.”

5. And, of course, the destination: People join for the race and stay for the cause. What better way to cruise the Las Vegas Strip, the streets of San Francisco, the roads of Dublin or practically any race worldwide than with a team following the same mission as you?

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