Charity Running: Follow The Rule Of Thirds To The Finish Line

The charity running movement has been preaching fun for years: Grab a bud, sign up for a destination race through a charity program and meet some great people with a similar goal — to fight the good fight. Photo: Paul Nester

Charities Who Train Together, Finish Together

Check out the perks of donning the colors of your chosen charity:

— A 16-week training program — with options for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes.

— Group training runs twice a week — generally one on a weekday and one on the weekend for longer runs.

— Fundraising and training clinics — if you have a question or an answer, your team has answers and questions.

— Weekly coach emails — never do coaches leave you high and dry during the week.

— Cup tips — if you’re worried about snagging a water station treat, learn from the best.

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