A New Take On Running: Knitting Marathons


Yes, what you’re witnessing is real. A man is knitting a multi-colored scarf while running…and he’s not just taking a quick jog around the block. This picture was taken during the Kansas City Marathon on October 19, 2013, where David Babcock set the Guinness World Record for longest scarf knitted during a full marathon. Babcock, a graphic design professor at the University of Central Missouri, completed the Kansas City Marathon in 5 hours 48 minutes 27 seconds with a 12 foot 1 3/4 inch long blue, red, purple and orange scarf, beating the original record of 6 feet 9 inches long.

Wait, there are others who knit and run marathons? In fact, Babcock was inspired by Susie Hewer who set the original world record at the 2008 London Marathon with a 5 foot 2 inches long scarf which she beat in 2013 until Babcock doubled her longest scarf record AND beat her marathon time by 6 minutes. Check out these news segments to catch Babcock in action.


Not only did he accomplish completing 26.2 miles, but he also gets a free scarf at the end! That’s almost better than a finisher’s medal.

youtube.com, segment from KCTV 5 News

For more details on Babcock’s knitting marathon story, read the New York Times report.

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