Thirsty Thursday: The Beer Mile

The mechanics of a beer mile is simple. For every quarter mile (roughly one lap around most US tracks) a beer must be chugged beforehand and like most races, it’s timed. From the moment a runner cracks open his/her beer til the fourth lap is completed, running and beer enthusiasts take glory in the fastest beer mile times. In fact, you can check out Top Beer Mile World Records on the official site. Who knew a drinking game could be so athletically challenging?

Currently, an Australian named Josh Harris holds the beer mile world record of 5:02.5.  Check out this speedy Tasmanian chug like a champion:

This kid chugs flawlessly. Chug, chug, chug, chug!

US Olympic track star Nick Symmonds also attempts a five minute beer mile.

But the struggle is real after the first mile. Perhaps, Nick could use a few tips from our Australian beer mile champ.

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