Top 10 Ragnar Relay Team Costumes

Ragnar Relays scream team spirit. No, this isn’t just a lap around the track and a pass of the baton between teammates. Ragnar is a 200 mile course in which 11 of your craziest friends or 5 of your even crazier friends (for an ultra team) pile into two vans and run day and night relay style. As the Ragnar Relay becomes increasingly popular across the nation, so has its reputation for creative team costumes. It’s almost a requirement. Nobody wants to be the team that crosses the finish line first, but has a lame costume. So, check out these 10 funny, weird and/or clever team costumes, these guys are serious about winning.

Not sure what this team’s costume theme is, but they have a magic school bus. Winning.

This team plans on solving scooby-style mysteries along the way.

Go Vikings! They must be from Minnesota.

The nerdiest of teams.

There’s always a team in pink tutus at every race.

Saving the world one mile at a time.

They may be turtles, but they’re fast as ninjas!

The best team strategy: advertise your business and taunt your opponents with thirst for delicious smoothies.

This team is risky business.

Who knew the Village People enjoyed running?

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