Australian Runner: Donate $30K, Design My Tattoo

Victoria Mitchell is trying to raise money for three years of training. Photo:

Victoria Mitchell is trying to raise money as she prepares for the 2016 Olympics.

One elite runner is taking a new approach to raising funds for her training: She’s selling space on her ankle for a tattoo.

Victoria Mitchell, a steeplechase runner who represented Australia at the 2008 Olympics, is trying to raise money to pay for her training ahead of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She has a website set up to accept donations from members of the public.

There are different levels of donations. If you give her $25, she’ll thank you over social media. For $100, she’ll add a running technique session. The highest donation level of $30,000 will get you quite a bit, the highlights of which are choosing the color of her hair during the Rio Olympics and providing her with a logo or a symbol she will have tattoed on her ankle.

“Within a space about half the size of a business card,” Mitchell writes on her website regarding the tattoo.

As of midday Wednesday Eastern Time, Mitchell had raised $1,070 from 16 sponsors. She will only keep the money raised if she hits her goal of $10,000 in another four weeks.

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