Boston Celtics Coach To Run Boston Marathon For Charity

The city of Boston received worldwide support after the 2013 race was halted by two terrorist bombs. Photo:

An assistant coach with the Boston Celtics plans to recognize the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing by running this year’s race.

Jamie Young, who has been with the organization for 13 seasons, started running in 2007 after his father died of a heart attack. Seven years later, he’ll tackle his first marathon a year after two bombs ripped through the finish line area in Copley Square, killng three spectators and injuring more than 250.

Young told The Boston Globe that he was on the treadmill at the Celtics’ practice facility when he heard about the attack. He quickly stopped his run and checked in with other members of the staff and players to make sure they were OK.

The Celtics’ charity, the Shamrock Foundation, asked Young run this year’s race.

“When they asked, I was like, ‘Yeah, it would be great to do that,’” Young said. “It’s an honor. To the people of Boston, I don’t know if me running honors anyone in particular, but it is exciting to do it because of the circumstances.”

The longest race Young has completed is a half marathon. That will change on April 21.

For More: The Boston Globe

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