Brothers Die 10 Days Apart While Running In New York


Peter Berry suffered a fatal heart attack while on a run less than three weeks after the same thing happened to his brother.

In a tragic turn of events to the story of a New York City runner who collapsed and died during a New Year’s Eve run, that runner’s brother recently died doing the same thing, in the same city.

Peter Berry, 60, was out for a run in Central Park on Jan. 19 when he suffered a fatal heart attack. It happened 20 days after his half-brother, Rynn Berry, suffered cardiac arrest during a run in Prospect Park. The latter did not bring identification with him and his name was a mystery for days as he lie in a hospital room.

Shortly after Rynn Berry’s family identified him after seeing a news report about the case, he died on Jan. 19.

“It’s been a shock for the family,” said Charles Berry, who identified Rynn, on the death of his two brothers. “It’s been terrible. It’s still hard to believe.”

For More: New York Daily News

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