Tips To Correct Your Running Form


Good form equates to increased efficiency.

With a new year upon us, it might be a new opportunity to check out how you actually run down the road or trail. Triathlete Europe recently published some helpful suggestions that you can consider to better your form.

The article lists four key “prime suspects” of bad form.

At the top of the list are wayward arms.

“Your arms should swing front-to-back, elbows bent at roughly 90 degrees, and shoulders relaxed,” writes author Caitlin Chock. “As your arms swing behind you, think of ‘picking your pockets;’ hands should reach just before where a rear pocket would be. When your arms swing forward, they can take a variety of positions depending on how fast you’re running.”

Another area that runners should focus on is how much they hunch — especially when tired. Hunched running does not equate to efficient breathing and so a good way to train for less hunch is to visualize a string that is attached to the top of your head that pulls you up as you head down the road.

For More: Triathlete Europe

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