5 Tips For Shedding Holiday Pounds

The simple adage of ‘eat less and move more,’ to weight loss is not always so easy.

Let’s face it, as much fun as the holidays are, the season was long and filled with way too many opportunities for glutinous derailment of the year’s self-imposed dietary restrictions toward our personal training and racing goals.

It’s amazing how quickly a little less daylight, cooler temps, lack of race plan and some holiday glitter can turn any regimented athlete into an undisciplined kid in a candy store. It’s like the scientist gone mad with all the resources to maintain it. Equally amazing is how fast the body’s chemistry changes, perpetuating the downward slide and leaving the previous season’s physique a bit heavier and unmotivated. The mind tries to help, but the internal battle of trying to get back on track and hoping to avoid the inevitable and impending train wreck of illness and/or injury is always waiting.

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The simple adage of ‘eat less and move more,’ to weight loss is not always so easy. It’s rare that something good comes easily — that’s why we train — and weight loss is no exception. To be an athlete you have to embody the lifestyle and that lifestyle has to work throughout all the mutations of one’s life in order for it to be sustainable. It needs to incorporate diet, training, nutrition, and a healthy mindset. Here are five tips to get the process going, and help build your nutritional foundation at the same time.

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