5 Tips For Shedding Holiday Pounds

1. Start now.

Most athletes I know take the above tenet to the extreme by waiting till the end of winter and embarking on some kind of self-induced starvation training program. Though this may work for some, with limited pounds to shed, waiting till spring presents the challenge of not gaining any additional weight while losing the time during the winter months to solidify your nutritional foundation for the upcoming season. Starving yourself and attempting to begin a new training cycle only leaves you deficient in what your body needs to get those efforts going. With it comes the potential for injury that can last throughout an entire season. If you’re looking to shed more than three pounds, having a goal of one pound per week is totally reasonable and easily attainable provided that your couch has not become your throne. From a caloric standpoint, a reduction of 200-300 calories per day will help you achieve that and should be simple enough to do now that the party invitations have stopped showing up in the mailbox.

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