5 Tips For Shedding Holiday Pounds

5. Recreate your relationship with food.

How we relate to food often drives our choices for eating. Instead of having the mindset about what one can eat, athletes frequently view their diets about what they shouldn’t eat. It’s a restrictive mentality that pushes necessary nutrients and foods out of the picture and challenges the body’s digestion, ability to uptake vitamins and energy resources, as well as the ability to prevent injury and illness. A great way to understand your nutrition is to step away from it and give your body a chance to reset, especially after it has been overloaded with refined and processed sugars and carbohydrates throughout the holidays. A guided cleanse is an excellent modality to remove all the stored negatives you have been eating, get your body back to a baseline that you can start properly building upon with positive nutrition, and actually see how functional your body can be without those things you thought it couldn’t do without. This is not be confused with a fast or period of starvation, but rather a time when you reduce your caloric consumption to the basics while adding in restorative nutrition. There are a lot of products out there, but if you want to get the most of out the process, choose one that someone can guide and educate you through.


About The Author:

Adam Kelinson is the author of The Athlete’s Plate: Real Food for High Performance. His business, OrganicPerformance.com, is dedicated to restoring foundational nutrition for an active life of health and sustainability through workshops, retreats and performance cooking.

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