Thirsty? Avoid These 6 Hydration Mistakes On Race Day

Don’t let fluid follies slow you down.

Every runner knows that hydration is a vital component of performance. At no time is hydration more important to running performance than on race day.

However, race-day hydration mistakes are all too common. Here are the six most common race-day mistakes made by runners and how to avoid making them.

Drinking Too Much Before The Race

Some runners think they’re camels. They guzzle water or sports drinks before the start of a race on the assumption that they can store extra water in their bodies and thereby minimize dehydration during the race. But the human body is not designed to do this. Any fluid you consume beyond the amount required to attain normal hydration status will only wind up in your bladder, increasing the likelihood of time-wasting pit stops.

On race morning, drink just enough to satisfy your thirst and don’t drink anything in the last 45 minutes before the gun goes off.

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