Thirsty? Avoid These 6 Hydration Mistakes On Race Day

Using A Sports Drink You’ve Never Used Before

Some runners have cast-iron stomachs and can drink almost anything in races. Others have more sensitive stomachs and find that they tolerate some sports drinks better than others. If you are among the latter group, don’t risk finding out the hard way that your stomach can’t tolerate the sports drink available in an important race. Find out what it is and try it in training first.

What should you do if that sports drink upsets your stomach? Your next step is to give it another chance or two and see if it doesn’t become more tolerable over time. This does happen sometimes. If familiarization doesn’t help, then carry gel packets during the race and use them to get the carbs and electrolytes you need. Wash your gels down with water at aid stations to hydrate.


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