The Everyman: The Olympics Are Coming

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Jason Devaney has a month of long workdays and little sleep ahead of him. How will he work out?

As a freelancer, I have many jobs and wear many hats: Writer, producer, editor and coordinator are a few of my official (and unofficial) titles.

Next week, I’ll travel to Stamford, Conn. to cover the Olympics for NBC. It will most definitely be colder in Stamford than it will be at the coastal venues during the Sochi Games (although it’s colder in the mountains), but that’s another story.

I’ve covered the past three Olympics for the peacock (one in Stamford, two on site) and the drill is always the same: Work an insane amount of hours for three-and-a-half weeks with no days off, sleep very little, and eat at your desk while juggling seven different things. It can be overwhelming, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

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Still, I have one giant concern: How am I going to work out during the month of February? Luckily the #competitorchallenge ends before the competition starts, so I’ll have some time next week to finish up my 30 days of working out without too much trouble. Once the Games begin, however, workout time will be replaced by one of two things: Work time or sleep time.

But I’ve got a plan. After all, I am running the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA 1/2 Marathon in Washington, D.C. on March 15. So I need to get in some runs during the Olympics. And then there’s swimming, which I’ve been working hard on ever since getting a new coach a few months ago. What’s going to happen when I don’t swim for a month?

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Cycling and strength training are my other two concerns.

I won’t have an hour every day to work out, so I’ll have to improvise. Here’s my plan (it’s a first draft, and I welcome your input):

Join A Gym

There’s a huge (I mean like multiple-levels-and-a-50-meter-pool huge) gym next to the NBC Sports office, so I plan on joining it for the month. My goal is to get there twice a week to swim laps. If I can fit in another visit or two, I’ll hit the weight room or the treadmill.

Use The Hotel Gym

Like I wrote about last week, the hotel gym can provide a full range of exercises. You might have to be creative, but there are a lots of things you can do with a treadmill, some free weights and a mat.

Do A Lot Of Pushups

On days when I just don’t have the energy to go to either gym after working a 15-hour day (or more!) that started at midnight, I can do a few quick sets of pushups. To hit different parts of my chest, shoulders, triceps and core, I’ll place my hands in different positions — wide, narrow, staggered, etc. Then I’ll go to sleep at 5 p.m., only to wake up six hours later.

The Treadmill Is My Friend

I can run twice a week on the treadmill, since running outside on little sleep and on busy city roads is not recommended. Cycling will be put on the shelf, but there’s not much I can do about that — I have no plans to lug my bike and bike trainer up the east coast.

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The Plan

So here’s what I’m looking at: Two swims, two strength sessions and two runs a week. Strength sessions can either be a full circuit or some pushup variations. Every workout will be limited to no more than 45 minutes. If by chance I have a short day here and there, I’ll try to double up workouts. I’d like to think this plan will work; I’ll let you know in a few weeks.

Got a tip for working out around a busy schedule? Tweet me @jason_devaney1.

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