5 Quick Strength Exercises For Runners

The following exercises are excerpted from Quick Strength For Runners by Jeff Horowitz (VeloPress, 2013).

Deadlifts and Front Raises

Muscle Targets: Lower back, hamstrings, traps, delts, biceps, triceps

Equipment: Dumbbell or medicine ball, BOSU (advanced)

1. Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder width. Tilt your pelvis backward and arch your back, with your knees slightly bent. Keep your pelvis tilted throughout the exercise, even as you straighten up and bend over again.

2.  Bend forward at the hips, being careful not to round your back. Grip a dumbbell or medicine ball with both hands.

3. Straighten and raise the weight up over your head toward the ceiling in one smooth movement. When the weight is at the highest point of the movement, your back should still be slightly arched and your pelvis tilted backward.

Rep: Hold for a moment, then let the weight swing back down. This constitutes 1 rep.

# Reps: 10–20

Tip: To get accustomed to the deadlift position, practice gripping your sides with your thumbs at the back of your obliques and bend over.

Coach’s Note
This exercise combines two exercises into one complex movement. Our program does not incorporate the Deadlift as a stand-alone exercise because the major muscles used to perform the Deadlift—the glutes and the lower back muscles—can generate so much power that you need a heavy weight to challenge them; that kind of weight is usually found only in a gym. Instead, we get results by making the exercise more complex.

Advanced Form
Perform this movement from atop a BOSU, either side up.

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