5 Quick Strength Exercises For Runners


Muscle Targets: Pecs, delts (anterior), triceps, abs, glutes

Equipment: Stability ball (advanced)

1. Lie facedown on an exercise mat, with your hands palms down on the mat slightly wider than your armpits.

2. Raise your body up by extending your elbows.

Rep After reaching full extension, bend your elbows and lower down to an inch or two above the mat. This constitutes 1 full rep.

# Reps: 10–100

Keep your chin up during the exercise, turn the heels of your palms slightly outward with your fingers pointed slightly inward, and do not lock your elbows at full extension because this takes the pressure off your muscles and puts it on your joints. Keep your back straight throughout. Do not arch your back or let your hips sag down. Keep your body rigid, which not only protects your lower back, but also effectively works the muscles of your core.

Advanced Forms
Divide your target number of reps by two, and perform half of them with one leg held an inch or two off the floor. Then immediately continue on to the remaining reps with the other leg upraised. This form engages your core more effectively as it struggles to maintain balance and also provides a good workout for your glutes, which will be working to hold the upraised leg off the floor.

Keep your feet on a stability ball while performing this exercise. Making the platform for your feet movable introduces instability, which engages your core even more.

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