5 Tips For Simplifying Your Running

In this Information Age of ours, we can quickly lose sight of the fact that the concept of running doesn’t have to be complicated. The very essence of our sport entails simply putting one foot in front of the other. Here are five quick tips for you to explore if you think your training and daily routines could benefit from a shot of simplicity.

1. Leave The Gadgets At Home At Least Once A Week

For some of us, GPS devices and MP3 players have their purpose. But they don’t have to come along with us all the time. As you plan out your training, pick one day in the week when you won’t bring anything electronic with you. A good day to do this would be a recovery day after a tough workout when you don’t need instant pacing feedback or some motivating song to get you through it. For that run, just plan on taking in the world around you. Don’t stress about pace and time. Enjoy yourself and relax.

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