Running Faster Is Not Always Better

Obey the speed limit for better performance.

Breaking the speed limit in a car is illegal, and if I had it my way as a coach, it would be illegal in running workouts, too. In a runner’s mind faster is always better, and any run that is longer or harder than prescribed is considered an achievement. However, if you’re following a well-written training plan, running faster or longer than prescribed might actually be detrimental to your potential at your goal race and your long-term progression.

Each workout, recovery run, and rest day in a well thought out training plan has a specific purpose. To maximize the effectiveness of each run and to make the absolute most out of every mile, it’s important that an athlete adheres to pace guidelines in a customized plan.

Over the following pages let’s take a look at a few common running workouts and why breaking the speed limit is a bad idea.

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