Think Outside The Mill: How To Make The Most Of Treadmill Running

When The Treadmill Is A Better Option

Family is one reason runners may turn to the treadmill, another is safety. “We use them as frequently as we need to, when it’s not safe out or for evening runs,” explains Brad Hudson who coaches elite runners in the Hudson Training Systems group. “Some athletes, like Tera Moody, will use them a lot more, but typically the athletes will use them on easy runs or beginning season workouts,” Hudson continues, “we try and save our hard runs for outside but sometimes we can’t and will do them on the treadmill.”

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Between weather conditions and early twilight hours, sometimes by not going outside you can avoid winding up with an injury or get in a more quality workout. “I would suggest picking an indoor run over running outside when the roads are snowy and icy or the wind chill is dangerously low,” warns coach Jenny Spangler and winner of the 1996 US Olympic Marathon Trials, “or if you need to get in a quality workout and the weather outside would not allow you to run hard.” She turned to her treadmill for nearly all of her training leading up to the 2004 Olympic Marathon Trials, wherein she was the first Masters finisher and 9th overall. Along with iced-over roads, she also had a 2 ½ year old daughter to take care of. “I couldn’t obviously push her in the jogger during the winter.” Instead, relying on the treadmill she was able to safely push the pace. “The one good thing is that the treadmill keeps you on pace so during a tempo run there is a tendency to back off when you start feeling tired, the treadmill won’t let you do that unless you push the button!”

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