Top Tips For Safe Winter Running

1. Prevent Slipping

You can purchase or make your own special shoes that are designed to grip the ice and hard packed snow without sacrificing the comfort and stability of your favorite training shoe. You can purchase a pair of Yak Trax from your favorite local running store, which clip on easily to the bottom of your shoe and work great.

If you prefer a homemade and cheaper option, however, you can make yourself a pair of “screw shoes”.  Here’s how:

  1. Get an old pair of shoes that are a little worn down but still have some mileage left in them (I recommend a pair with about 250-300 miles left on them).
  2. Head to the hardware store and pick up some hex head screws or sheet metal screws (because the head on them is raised that really grips well on ice). You don’t want flat head screws.
  3. 3/8″ screws are the best bet in my opinion. If you have a very thin shoe, or you are just paranoid about how thin the front of your shoe looks, then you can use 1/4″ long screws. Be sure to buy a lot of them however because they come out rather easily.
  4. Screw the screws into the shoe, pointy end first, so the hex head is the part sticking out. Remember, it is the head of the screw that provides the traction—not the point!
  5. Tighten the screw until the head is flush with the shoe and viola, you’ve got yourself the perfect screw shoe! I recommend using a drill rather than a screw driver, it’s much easier; you’ll have to press really hard with a screw driver.
  6. Put the screws wherever you want. As long as you don’t have air or an iPod in your shoe, anywhere works.

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