Top Tips For Safe Winter Running

2. Find A Clear Path

Colleges and university roads are the places that clear snow the fastest. Why? Most colleges and universities have their own maintenance departments and are not dependent on the city. Also, their paths are usually made for pedestrians and there is less automobile traffic.

The next fastest paths and roads to clear up are usually maintenance roads, where plows and salt trucks have to go back and forth; they are great if you can find them.

Cemeteries and office parks can also be great places to run in the winter. On a snowy day, traffic will usually be low and the roads will often be some of the first to be plowed. You might have to run continuous loops to get your mileage in, but it beats playing in heavy traffic on icy, snow-covered roads.

Finally, run near schools (high school and elementary schools) since administrators clear roads quickly to get teachers and students safely to the classroom.

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