A New Take On Running: Rave Runs

  • By Emily Polachek
  • Published Feb. 5, 2014

Is it a rave or is it a race? It’s both! The new and increasingly popular Electric Run, is a 5K light show and electronic music bonanza. Similar to a rave, glow-in-the-dark, spandex-wearing, neon-covered runners take hold of whatever glow stick paraphernalia they can find and run/dance their way through the night under a canopy of pulsing rainbow lights. That’s not even the best part. At the finish line there’s a full-on dance-party with a live DJ! It’s a fun, healthy, and drug-free alternative to raves that’ll give you an endorphin high. Plus, it’s perfect for night runners. Bring out the headlamps!

Check out this promotional video to get the full run and rave vibe: via Youtube

Electric Runs have become so popular that even celebrities such as comedian Seth Rogen and actress Vanessa Hudgens got their run and rave on.

Only at the Electric Run would you see a celebrity running in a fuzzy polar bear headdress and pink wig.

Then again it’s not the weirdest outfit you’ll see there…

Someone took neon spandex to a whole new level.

Flashy lights and bass-dropping music not enough? The Electric Run has also inspired a similar themed nighttime 5K called the Cosmic Run. It’s a combination of the Electric Run and the Color Run in which runners are sprayed with glow in the dark colored-powder while running the course.

It’s a 5K out of this world: via Youtube


Emily Polachek

Emily Polachek

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