Competitor Staff Tackling 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Skiing at lunch. That's how Allison Pattillo rolls in Colorado.

Day 3: Thursday, January 9

Brian Metzler, Editor-in-Chief:  I had tired legs from my Wednesday workouts, so I took it easy and swam EZ for 30 minutes without counting laps or recording distance. I also added 100 crunches, which I’m planning to do every day in some variation during this 30-Day Challenge.

Mario Fraioli, Senior Editor: Snuck out at lunch for a 35-minute run. Ran 17:30 out to a soccer field, did six quick 100-yard strides, then ran home. In the evening I went to the gym with my wife and we did about 45 minutes of circuit-style functional strength training. I am still sore from Tuesday’s strength work!

Caitlyn Pilkington, Associate Editor: This morning I ran an easy 25 minutes with five minutes of mountain climbers and lunges while I waited for my smog test. I usually keep run gear in my car for that reason: to get a quick workout instead of sitting, twiddling my thumbs.

Jason Devaney, Associate Web Editor: 4 miles EZ, 30-minute strength session. Had some time in the middle of the day to test out my balky left knee, which is inflicted with IT Band syndrome. The verdict: The pain is still there. Followed up with a quick gym session in the evening.

Allison Pattillo, Contributing Editor: Today was a crazy mixed up, but fun, day of exercise! I started with a two minute plank and 100 crunches when I got out of bed. After a snowy run last night, getting out on the mountain was a must and I logged three sweet ski runs at lunch. Between skiing and lugging gear, it was probably about 30 minutes of activity—no lift time doesn’t count! I also swam half a mile and stretched for 10 minutes (have to do that more often). In the midst of all of it, I even managed to get some work done (although will need to do some tonight to catch up), run errands and feed the kids.

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