Competitor Staff Tackling 30-Day Fitness Challenge

This is not a bad distraction 60 minutes into a two-hour run. Photo: Mario Fraioli

Day 6: Sunday, January 12

Brian Metzler, Editor-in-Chief: After another full day of snowboarding fresh powder and a long drive back home to Boulder, I hopped on the spin bike and cranked out a 45-minute Tabata-style workout. I was definitely fatigued but it felt good going to bed at 11:30 p.m. knowing I hadn’t dropped the ball on the 30-day challenge!

Mario Fraioli, Senior Editor: After 12 days of calling the Bay Area home, I finally made the drive up to the Marin Headlands to run the trails I’ve heard everyone raving about since I got here. They did not disappoint! I parked at the trailhead on Tennessee Valley Road and just started running. Two hours later I returned on a bit of a high after incredible views of the bay, downtown San Francisco and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge (pictured above). It was one of the most beautiful runs I’ve ever been on. Great long run to end the week!

Caitlyn Pilkington, Associate Editor: I made the mistake of going for a 40-minute run on the roads before going on a rigorous hike with my old college roommate…who has done a 50K trail race and numerous other events. We walked up the mountain and ran back down — probably 5 crazy miles round trip. I’m feeling it!

Jason Devaney, Associate Web Editor: Had a good swim session with my coach Sunday night. We worked on technique for the first 45 minutes and then closed with a nice and easy 400 yards that put everything together. This week’s goal: Get back to running and test out my left knee.

Allison Pattillo, Contributing Editor: I finally took the time to do 30 minutes of core work and stretching, including kettle bells, crunches, a plank and leg lifts. Then I went for an hour long run that coincided with the sunset and moonrise.

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