Competitor Staff Tackling 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Have you ever skate skied? It's a winter staple for Allison Pattillo. Photo: Allison Pattillo

Day 7: Monday, January 13

Brian Metzler, Editor-in-Chief: Had a busy day in the office, but managed to get away for a good swim session with various paces and intervals: 2 x 800, 3 x 75, 4 x 50, 4 x 100. Finished the night with 200 crunches of various sorts.

Mario Fraioli, Senior Editor: Mondays are always a bit chaotic, so I like to keep my workout short and sweet to start the week. I went out at lunch and ran what’s becoming my go-to 5-mile loop in 33:30, which included 8 x 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy on the way back. I had planned to do some strength training after my early evening flight to San Diego, but I was full after eating dinner and scratched that idea.

Caitlyn Pilkington, Associate Editor: I ran 30 minutes from the office and around on the trail across the street. It’s take-it-easy week leading up to my first half marathon of the year on Sunday, so I did an easy first mile and race pace for the remainder of the run followed by 2×50 mountain climbers.

Jason Devaney, Associate Web Editor: I decided to try something new: a workout video. My fiancee talked me into doing T25 with her, a 25-minute, high-intensity session. We did lots of core and leg work. I still like putting in my time at the gym when it comes to strength work, but it’s good to have this option if I’m unable (or un-willing) to leave the house.

Allison Pattillo, Contributing Editor: Skate ski. 10 min warm up, two 5-min double-poling intervals, 40 min tempo. Crisp and clear evening made for firm snow and a great workout! Followed with crunches, plank, stretching and foam roller.

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