The Awesomeness Of Omega-3s

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This fatty acid has many benefits for runners. 

Omega-3s are healthy for everyone, but runners in particular should delight in the anti-inflammatory benefits. They are also good for your heart and can enhance your mood, says Janice H. Dada, a registered dietician in Newport Beach, Calif.

Though fatty fish such as salmon and sardines have star appeal when it comes to foods at the top of mind, these other options can also get you lubed up:

— Walnuts

— Canola and Flaxseed Oils

— Fortified Eggs

— Orange Juice

— Chia Seeds

Dada recommends two to three servings of omega-3s a week. If you’re eating fish, she says a three-ounce portion is plenty, and she suggests getting omega-3s from food as opposed to supplements for the best quality.

Fish Tip: If tuna is the tasty source of omega-3s you crave, yet the variety on supermarket shelves has you reeling, registered dietician Janice H. Dada suggests buying chunk white albacore in pouches rather than cans with BPA.


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