5 Nutrition Tips For Your Best Destination Race Experience

Follow these tips and make your next run-cation one to remember. 

Running a race makes for a fantastic excuse to travel. I can’t recall the last time I organized a vacation that didn’t involve signing a waiver. After all, running is the best way to explore a new place. Besides being far more environmentally friendly than a bus, safer than navigating a bike in traffic, running will also leave you with enough of a calorie deficit (and appetite) to make you feel good about exploring new cuisines.

When it comes to race day, nutrition is a key component of success, but sticking to a pre-race routine can pose a challenge in a new city, foreign country or different continent. Whether you’re aiming for a new personal best or just hoping to take in the scenery of your chosen destination, a sound nutrition strategy is essential for a safe, enjoyable race — as well as for looking fresh on race photos, of course.

There is so much to enjoy at a destination race, from exploring different sights and cultures to connecting with the local running community. Worrying about your race should not be part of your itinerary. A little planning goes a long way in making your next run-cation a truly positive experience.

Follow these 5 tips to avoid common mistakes and make your next run-cation one to remember.

About The Author:  

Aletta Kennedy is a graduate student of nutrition in Southern California. She is an avid long distance runner with 15+ local and international marathons and ultra-marathons under her belt.

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