Photos: A Kenyan Recovery Day With Desiree Linden

Desiree Linden (née Davila) spent the past six weeks in Iten, Kenya preparing for this year’s Boston Marathon at Lornah Kiplagat’s High Altitude Training Center. Here, we followed the Hansons-Brooks athlete on one of her last days in Iten, where she got a massage after her long run and visited the Iten Market. Stay tuned to Competitor’s coverage of The Kenya Project over the coming weeks as we chronicle Linden’s stint in the Rift Valley in preparation for her return to Boston on April 21.


— Desiree Linden Training In Kenya

— Desi Linden Building Toward Boston

Desiree Linden Goes Long In Kenya


— 5 Questions With Desiree Davila

— Davila: “I had to keep it honest.”

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