Do’s And Don’ts For Masters Runners

Use this tried-and-true wisdom to make the most of your running after age 40.

Runners who retain or regain an enthusiasm for competition as they reach their forties have no shortage of advice at their disposal. The main focus of this wisdom is taking the edge off the inevitable downside of aging, i.e., a decline in performance, as well as going on the defensive against injury. So for the most part, advice geared specifically toward masters tends to be broad-spectrum, emphasizing caution and laden with reminders of stark physical limitations. Less easy to come by are simple guidelines that can help make the transition to encroaching middle age heavier on goals and lighter on gloom – a desirable stance for competitive runners of all ages.

With that in mind, keep the following dicta in mind at every training and racing turn; each is supported by the grizzled voices of experience and expertise.

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