Incorporating Race-Specific Workouts Into Training

As your race gets closer, it becomes increasingly more important to dial in your workouts.  

Focusing your training and having a specific, measurable plan of action is essential if you want to conquer your racing goals. Very few runners are successful when they blindly cobble together workouts, especially in the last few weeks leading up to an important race.

Too often, runners who lack a well thought out training plan derail their progress by performing 800-meter repeats with long rests in the weeks before a marathon, or running an easy 16-mile long run two weeks before their goal 5K. If you’re looking to perform your best on race day, whether you’re racing the mile or the marathon, it’s critical that the last four to six weeks of your training plan include mostly race-specific workouts.

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Over the following pages we’ll explore what race-specific training means, why it’s important, and how to implement race-specific workouts into your next training plan.

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