‘Man v. Food’ Does The Doughman Challenge

For all you runners that run to eat, this is a race designed for you. Based in Durham, N.C., the Doughman Challenge consists of a four-person team relay event that requires each team member to perform an individual eating and athletic leg of the race course. The race comprises of one lap in the pool (with some running), a 10-mile bike, a 2.5-mile run, and finally, another, shorter 1.75-mile run to the finish line, not to mention eating a delicious food item at the beginning of each leg. This could quickly turn into a puking disaster. However, watch as the Travel Channel’s food enthusiast,  Adam Richman from “Man v. Food” and his team of athletes take on the challenge without puking once (although Adam experiences a minor race injury).

Even better than the food, the Doughman Challenge raises money for local Durham charities and in its six-year history, it has raised more than $100,000. Go to the Doughman website to learn more about the increasingly popular event. Perhaps, you’ll be compelled to enter your hungry team as well. Welcome to the real “hunger games.”

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