A Go-To Guide To International Racing

Tips For Racing Overseas

— Check with your doctor or local health department about recommended vaccines and medicines (like tetanus and malaria medicine) well in advance of your trip.

— Prepare for the body stress of time-zone changes. Sleep well before you travel and get on local time as soon as you arrive at your destination.

— Hydrate on the plane. Drinking water will help offset the drying effects of flying, plus frequent bathroom breaks keep you on the move. Try to stand up and move about once an hour.

— Travel in compression socks or calf sleeves to keep blood moving and prevent leg swelling.

— Respect the local culture. Whether it’s wearing the official race shirt or women needing more conservative running apparel, local customs may impact you. Investigate before you go, and when in doubt, check with the race organizers.

— If you have specific dietary needs, bring food with you. Pre-race meals, aid-station offerings and electrolyte-replacement products will likely be different than what you are used to; bring your own for peace of mind and tummy.

— Pack your race kit in your carry-on bag so lost luggage doesn’t ruin an event.

— Check your phone plan for international rates before sharing race updates and photos with friends and family back home.

— Pack the proper adaptor for your destination to keep watches, cameras and phones charged and ready to go.

— Study the route and course markings to familiarize yourself with which symbols, signs (possibly not in English) and landmarks to follow on race day.

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