Boston Marathon Officials Say No To Backpacks For 2014 Race

Spectators are being asked not to wear them either.

Boston Marathon officials unveiled a detailed security plan Monday for next month’s race in the wake of the bombing that killed three people and wounded more than 260 last year.

Runners will not be allowed to wear backpacks before, during or after the event, and spectators have been urged not to either. Runners can, however, carry personal belongings in fanny packs. Fuel belts, which some runners wear during the race to carry nutrition and hydration, are also allowed.

Spectators will be subjected to security screenings at checkpoints, and they’re being asked not to bring large coolers or wear costumes and/or masks. Officials asked that fans carry items in clear plastic bags.

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There will be 3,500 police officers along the route to provide security, which is reportedly more than double last year’s amount. A joint terrorism task force spearheaded by the FBI will also be involved.

“One of the lessons learned here, I think, is that the public, the spectators, the participants in this marathon are another part of the security of this marathon,” Massachusetts State Police Colonel/Superintendent Tim Alben said. “Be more vigilant, to pay attention what’s around them, who’s around them, strange things that might occur.”

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