A New Take On Running: Cartoonist Live-Draws While Running The NYC Marathon

Remember David Babcock, the guy who set a Guinness World Record for the longest scarf knitted while running a full marathon (Read: A New Take On Running: Knitting Marathons)? Well before Babcock, there was New York Times Cartoonist Christoph Niemann who decided to live-draw AND live-tweet his drawings while running the ┬áNYC Marathon in 2011. Now that’s what we call multi-tasking! Through Niemann’s quirky sketches you can experience everything from his pre-race jitters to his desperate longing for a banana (which was successfully hand-delivered to him by a loyal reader at mile 21). He even portrays himself as a little green battery frantically searching for the bathroom.

Despite the bathroom break, Niemann finished just over 6 hours and had completed 46 sketches of his marathon experience. We’ve posted 22 of the funniest and most interesting images from his race. For the whole set of sketches and live-tweet descriptions, go to Niemann’s blog, Abstract Sunday, or check out his Twitter account dedicated to the event @abstractsunday1. (Fun fact: Niemann was tweeting during the marathon so much that Twitter stopped him midway through the race, and he was forced to create a new spillover account, hence @abstractsunday1).



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