Race Ready: Gear To Help You Fly On Race Day

Give this stuff a try; it will make your life easier. Photo: Scott Draper | Competitor

This gear will make your race-day experience a lot easier.

The simplicity of “Just grab your shoes and go!” is part of what we all love about running. But come race day, preparation will go a long way. We rounded up the gear and gadgets that will help get you to the finish line.

Nathan SonicGrip

$35, nathansports.com

Hold your phone in the palm of your hand, but protect it from sweat, for tunes, time or snapshots on the run. The strap wraps around your hand for no-grip carrying of iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4s.


$8, locklaces.com

Upgrade your runners by replacing unruly laces and race-day double-knots with easy-to-install elastic laces (kind of like mini bungee cords) for a secure, non-binding fit and one-handed adjustability.

X-1 Momentum Sport Armband

$40, x-1.com

Weatherproof, lightweight and easy to use, this band straps to your arm so you can stay connected and listen to your pumped-up playlists, all while keeping your phone safe from sweat, rain and sprinklers.

Nike Expandable Lean Running Waist Pack

$20, nike.com

A slim, stretchy zippered pouch keeps keys, cash and your post-race beer ticket secure in an adjustable-strap waist pack.

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$24, racedots.com

In a stroke of why-didn’t-I-think-of-this genius, a new use for magnets lets you affix race numbers without the hassles and inevitable snags of safety pins. Available in packages of five, the reusable clips hold numbers securely, remove easily and don’t damage clothes.

FuelBelt 10 oz. Sprint

$15, fuelbelt.com

Fly through aid stations by carrying your own fluid and fuel in an easy-grip 10-ounce bottle with a zip pocket just right for storing a couple of gels.

This piece first appeared in the March 2014 issue of Competitor magazine.

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